Like you, I want to change the world.

I want a future where everyone can enjoy safe drinking water, clean air, and a stable climate.
Where everyone can thrive—with healthy food to eat and a safe place to call home.
Where, across the lines that often divide us, we stand up for each other, and the earth.

Perhaps you feel called to work for such a world, too, but you are discouraged by the news.
Maybe you are outraged by so many things that you don’t know where to start.
Or you have been calling your elected officials and attending marches,
but you sense it’s not enough to really change things.

A nationally-known activist leader and award-winning spiritual writer,
I can help you:

  • Find your role in the growing movement for transformational change.
  • Learn to make your activism more strategic and spiritually grounded.
  • Overcome fear and social conditioning to stand in your power.

I hope you register for my classes and buy my books!

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Though she could choose to take the safe route, Eileen consistently follows her spirit and navigates the road less traveled through life–a journey full of wisdom, love, and integrity. Her leadership helps people tackle the difficult issues of our times. The issues she talks,
you can be certain she also walks.
Hilary Beard, bestselling author and transformational speaker