Eileen Flanagan at Valley Green

I have a vision, and I hope you will join me in working to make it a reality.

My hope is that the crises of the world today—climate change, extreme inequality, and blatant hate—will motivate us to work across our divisions to create new systems that are more just, sustainable, and loving.

My role is to inspire and empower people like you who share this vision, so you can step more fully into your part of making this transition a reality.

I do this through writing, public speaking, and online teaching, as well as my leadership in
Earth Quaker Action Team. In each of these forums, I offer a combination of spiritual grounding, strategic thinking, and hopeful stories to help you move past your fears and toward what is possible, both for you and for the world we all share.

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An article inspired by a conversation about “spiritual white people” and the events in Charlottesville. Includes 7 practices particularly helpful at this time.

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Interested in building a nonviolent campaign that can make a difference on climate change or other issues? Join the course beginning January 15.

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If your organization is in need of a public speaker or a facilitator, and you think my perspective might be of use, let’s set up a time to talk.

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Renewable 9781631529689_FullCover 3Nov14.indd After twenty years of being a writer, these are the two works I’m most proud of. Each received a Silver Nautilus Book Award, as well as other award recognitions and some pretty cool endorsements (The Dalai Lama and Bill McKibben respectively).

The Wisdom to Know the Difference is about how different people navigate the challenge of the Serenity Prayer, accepting the things we cannot change, and changing those we can.

Renewable is the story of the midlife crisis that led me to become a climate activist. It feels particularly relevant now as more people are feeling called into activism.