Eileen writes for a wide variety of online and print publications, from the Huffington Post and Waging Nonviolence to Christian Century and Science of Mind magazines. Below are some of her articles, organized by the major subjects that interest her.

Eileen Flanagan is a Quaker writer who you’re going to hear a whole lot more about in coming years. She’s just finding her voice nationally–and what a voice it is!
David Crumm, editor of Read the Spirit

Articles on Eco-Justice Concerns

Small Quaker Group Takes on Big Bank and Wins
The David and Goliath story of EQAT

Temperature Rising
Christian Century cover story on climate change in Africa.

Acting Locally and Globally at the People’s Climate March
PNC Investigated for Climate Disruption in NYC Direct Action

Africa, Appalachia, and Arrest
The story of how Eileen developed a calling to work for climate justice

Rapid Escalation at PowerShift
Why Earth Quaker Action Team pulled off the largest bank branch action in history.

The Few and the Many
Why Eileen got arrested with 350.org and the Sierra Club

For African Environmentalists, Time to Get Beyond Polar Bears
A report on Greenpeace Africa published on Waging Nonviolence

Fighting Fracking in South Africa
As South Africa allows fracking exploration, activists mobilize.

Where Are the Victims?
A reflection for Waging Nonviolence on the label “victim.”

Moving the Green Movement Forward (Literally)
Huffington Post piece on four groups taking their message to the road

Green Your Money
About a new Quaker-led program to get PNC Bank to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining.

Quakers Advocate Living in “Right Relationship” with Creation
Huffington Post piece

A Religious Society of Friends of the Earth
Written for the Washington Post Online’s On Faith Column

Spiritual Articles and Essays

God Matters
Tikkun piece on how our image of God affects our position on health care reform

Revolutionary Love
Huffington Post piece on the role of faith in social change

Living the Serenity Prayer
Slide show for Beliefnet

Buddhism Meets the 12 Steps
Guest blog post on Guinevere Gets Sober

The Serenity Prayer and Racism
Published by Read the Spirit

How Religion Changes Lives
Huffington Post piece on what religion says about change

Changing Faith
Huffington Post essay on finding one’s own concept of God

Forming Your Own Clearness Committee
A Quaker decision-making tool explained in New Connexion

Other Topics

Finding Serenity as a Caregiver
Washington Post piece about caring for aging parents

The Art of Letting Go
Article on marriage and relationships for More

Spread the Love for Your Author Friend
A blog post picked up by the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Shaken to the Core: Oprah’s Surprise Sister–and Mine
Huffington Post essay on learning I had a sister

Here Comes the Judgment
Article for Brain, Child Magazine

Making a Change
Guest blog post on Writer Unboxed on how Eileen changed agents

Sex and the Second Grade Girl
Essay for Mothers Movement Online

Ten Things I’ve Learned about Head Lice
A sad, but true story

Eileen’s Blog

Imperfect Serenity
Eileen’s occasional reflections on family, activism, and current events