I felt disoriented in a post-election reality. I was determined to move forward … through Eileen’s course I found my footing.
Jeannette Smith, Virginia
Since taking your class, I have a much better sense of the direction I need to take for the long haul. Thank you for your example and resources.
Terry Hess, Milwaukee, WI
Eileen’s teaching combines social change theory, discernment, and personal empowerment; it’s helping to sustain me in this time.
Iris Graville, Lopez Island, WA

We Were Made for this Moment

EileenFlanaganSeatedsquareIn this time of tumult, fear, and hatred, the world needs the gifts that you were born to share. You may not be sure where to use them. You may not know how to use them to greatest effect, or even if you can make a difference at all, but you know you need to do something to work for a more just and loving world. You are not alone! The purpose of this online course is to help you to meet this moment.

What is unique about this course is that it will blend three types of teaching: social change theory, spiritual discernment, and personal empowerment. For example, you will learn about different social change roles and what makes them effective. Then you will practice the tools of inward listening to access the wisdom already within you about what role you are meant to play. Finally, you will explore what gets you stuck and learn tools to help you take action even when you are afraid. These three types of teaching will be woven together, accessing our hearts, minds, and spirits for the work of creating a more just and sustainable world. Recordings of the class sessions will be available in case you can’t make every one.

The next round of this course will begin Wednesday, May 16 and meet four Wednesdays through June 6, from 12-1:30pm EST.

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Building a Nonviolent Direct Action Campaign

Do you want to feel like what you do is actually having an impact on the issues you care about? In the face of hatred, injustice, and environmental destruction, are you tired of being told simply to call your elected officials? Would you like to emulate the kinds of powerful tactics used by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the campaign for women’s suffrage? If so, this online course will teach you the basics of nonviolent direct action campaigning, a proven method of building people power by shaking up the status quo through tactics that can range from fasting and boycotts to noncooperation and civil disobedience.

During our four classes together, you will learn how to:
●   Choose an issue where you can actually make a difference.
●   Identify the people who you want to pressure and where they are vulnerable.
●   Develop creative tactics to make your actions effective, press-worthy, and often fun.
●   Build your impact over time, so the people you’re trying to pressure have to take you seriously.

The next round of this course will begin May 7 and meet the four Mondays of May from 7-9pm EST.

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Implicit Bias Webinar

Wonder what all the talk about implicit bias is about? Wondering how to make your faith community or organization more just and welcoming? This free online class will explain the basics of implicit bias—the unconscious attitudes or stereotypes that can shape our behaviors without our realizing. Through a mixture of presentation and discussion we will explore the sources and impacts of unconscious biases, as well as some concrete steps for reducing them. Those who join the class live will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in small group discussion. There will also be a recording of the session for registrants who want to watch it later.

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