Navigating Fear in Scary Times

06/17/2019 @ 7:30 – 9pm EST

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Sometimes fear motivates us to take action on important issues. Given the assault we’re seeing on people’s rights, not to mention the apocalyptic warnings about increasing climate chaos, it’s understandable that many of us fear for the future and want to do something about it.

But fear can also constrict our voices and distort our thinking. Fear that our candidate will never win can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear can get in the way when we’re taking action, or discerning what we are called to do. We’re living in a time when more people are taking action that they wouldn’t have imagined a few years ago, while for others, just getting through the day is scary.

When fear stays in our bodies too long, it’s not good for our health, so it’s not the best long term motivation for activism. Yet just ignoring our fear or trying to banish it doesn’t work either.

Please join me for a free webinar on Navigating Fear in Scary Times.

I’ll share what I’ve learned stepping past my own comfort zone as a climate activist, training people to do civil disobedience, and before that, as a spiritual teacher. We’ll also take inspiration from people who thrived in previous tumultuous times and see what resonates for us today. Whatever your level of current activism, all are welcome!

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About Eileen, your presenter…

A nationally-known activist and award-winning author of three books and scores of articles.

In addition to helping people to make their activism more effective through her online courses, she speaks to international audiences on how to build a spiritually grounded and effective climate justice movement. For five years, she served as board chair of Earth Quaker Action Team, a scrappy little group which successfully pressured one of the largest banks in the US to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining. Her current work focused on the intersection of racial and environmental justice.

Though she could choose to take the safe route, Eileen consistently follows her spirit and navigates the road less traveled through life–a journey full of wisdom, love, and integrity. Her leadership helps people tackle the difficult issues of our times. The issues she talks, you can be certain she also walks.

Hilary Beard, bestselling author and transformational speaker