A few of the people interviewed for the book


Dan Gottlieb, family therapist and radio talk show host, shares what he learned about accepting the things he cannot change from the car accident that left him paralyzed.

Hilary Beard explains how she developed the courage to leave a deadening job to fulfill her purpose as a bestselling author.

Celeste Zappala, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, talks about the power of forgiveness and her work to end the war.

Will Brock explains how he overcame negative social stereotypes to become a financially savvy musician.

Hal Tausig shares how going bankrupt as a cattle rancher prepared him to found “The Most Generous Business in America.”

Hollister Knowlton tells how she found her calling, working to change the way human beings live in relation to the earth.

Joan Countryman, a life-long educator and former school principle, illustrates how your attitude can influence other people.

Other interviews, not pictured:

Yvonne Thompson (a pseudonym) recalls how her participation in Twelve Steps programs empowered her to become an award-winning advocate for older adults suffering from mental illness.

Melvin Metelits explains how surviving cancer helped him find serenity and reconnect with the insights of his Jewish tradition.

Malik Mubashshir finds the similarities and differences between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam’s teachings on taking action and letting go.

Michael Doyle, a Roman Catholic priest, exemplifies the courage to challenge injustice.

Rob’Bin White Morton, a Katrina survivor, describes learning inner peace the hard way.

Eva Ray describes how her mother’s calm and courage helped their Jewish family escape the Nazis during World War II.

Eileen Smith, a former Roman Catholic sister and the founder of a social service agency, describes the importance of community as she cares for her dying mother.