I appreciated the responses to last week’s Finding My Voice blog post, including Johan’s musings on similar questions. I’ve decided to write a follow up essay for the Huffington Post on differing images of God to respond to the erroneous assumptions about believers that permeated the angry comments on my last article there, but since then the issue of the potential Qu’ran burning has made me feel I need to say something about that, also. Still, what can I say that hasn’t already been said by Gail CollinsFCNL, or the UCC?

What kept coming back to me was a song from Northern Ireland that tells a true story that occurred in 1974. As I listened to different versions on YouTube, I remembered that Jesus often answered his critics by telling a story. (Thanks to Diane for pointing out that the Gospels are full of examples of Jesus responding to his critics.) This story was put to music by Tommy Sands, who was close to the men who inspired the song, though since then, different names have been substituted, as events have provided new examples of where religious prejudice can lead. Here’s the version by Cara Dillion:


For those in Philadelphia, here’s an announcement I received from the folks for organize that wonderful Interfaith Peace Walk I’ve written about:

We Cannot Remain Silent 

What: A peaceful gathering of people representing different faiths who will gather 

and read from the Quran, Torah, and the Gospels. 

Prayers, reflections, and a time for meditation will be included. 

Where: The West Kensington Ministry at Norris Square 

2136 North Hancock (corner of Hancock & Susquehanna) 

Philadelphia, PA, 19122 

Who: The West Kensington Ministry at Norris Square 

Rev. Adan A. Mairena 

Interfaith Peace Walk 

Faith and Secular Representatives 

When: Saturday, September 11th, 2010 12:30pm 


To promote unity and strength among people of different faiths as we listen each others’ sacred texts and reflect on the messages of peace, tolerance, and compassion.

Contact information: adan.mairena@gmail.com   610-203-3449