I’ve been posting less frequently, as faithful readers may have noticed. It’s connected to my last post about clearing space, which I’m still trying to do. The papers are finally graded, and though there are always little things that need doing, I’m trying to make inner nurture the priority this month, if not this season. That means I’m going to take an official break from blogging—which I’ve now been doing for 5½ years! I expect I won’t post until at least the New Year, unless I feel specifically led to post something, which is the point. I want to eliminate the things that have become habits or duties so I can better sense what I’m called to do (or “led,” using the more common Quaker phrase). So whether you are a new or frequent reader of this blog, if you have not signed up for my RSS feed (on the lower right), please do so now so that you will get a notice when I resume blogging. I’d hate to lose the connections I’ve made through writing here, though at the moment, losing my connection to my inner guide seems the bigger risk, if I don’t make time to nurture that connection.

Thanks to those who have stuck with me here from the beginning! Hoping you all find peace and space this fall, as well.