As promised, I’ve been clearing space–including taking a break from blogging–in order to discern what I’m meant to do next. I’ve been journaling more, reading some spiritual books, paying attention to my dreams, and having good conversations with good friends.

One of the recent topics has been a job opportunity with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, the regional body for Quakers in eastern PA, southern NJ, Delaware, and part of MD. There are actually several new positions available, one of which pulled at me last summer when I first heard about it. So I had to do some serious discernment about whether or not I was meant to apply. In a lot of ways it tied together my many interests–spirituality, social witness, and outreach to non-Quakers. On the other hand, it was a full-time year-round job, which would pull me away from motherhood and writing–two leadings that have been clear for a long time.

To make a long story short, I think I’m meant to recommit to being a writer, even if it doesn’t make much money, even if I don’t know what the next project will be, even though it’s a lonely path sometimes. As soon as I made the decision, I felt the universe giving me little affirmations. I found out that Barnes & Noble was carrying more of my books than I thought. Then a Borders asked me to come do a signing in their mall during the holiday shopping season. So I’m feeling optimistic about this writer’s life again and curious to see what’s next.

That being said, I am very excited about some of the things happening at PYM and want to support the vision I sense brewing there. So, I’m breaking my blog break to tell others about these job opportunities on the off chance that one of them speaks to one of you. Happy Discernment!