Epilogue to Renewable

Eileen at the People's Climate Marchwith George and Ingrid Lakey Friday morning I did an author interview with religion journalist turned publisher, David Crumm, for his online magazine Read the Spirit. As someone who reads many memoirs, David suggested I write a blog post about what has happened in my life since the [...]

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Job Hunting?

As promised, I've been clearing space--including taking a break from blogging--in order to discern what I'm meant to do next. I've been journaling more, reading some spiritual books, paying attention to my dreams, and having good conversations with good friends. One of the recent topics has been a job opportunity with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, the [...]

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Clearing Space

I’m back after a whirlwind trip to the Boston area and wanting to seriously clear space so I can discern what’s next. But first I have to pay the bills, finish my daughter’s high school applications, grade 26 papers, email the five students with late papers, and write an overdue blog post. If I were [...]

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Amazon & the Ego Trap

Friends sometimes ask me, “How’s your amazon ranking?” a question I take as a well-intentioned show of interest in my work, but which I am finding increasingly annoying because it taps into all the ego challenges of promoting a book that I felt called to write and promote. On a spiritual level, I feel my [...]

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If You Want to Write

I’ve gotten several requests lately from people who want to write about their spiritual experiences. A recent email asks, “Do you have any advice?” a question so broad that I could write a book to answer it, though I’m going to settle for a blog post. My hope is that this will be helpful to [...]

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Finding My Voice

screen shot onlyAs some of you may have seen, this week I have an article on the Huffington Post, which has so far gotten nearly 600 comments, most of them negative, some vitriolic. It’s been interesting watching the comments pile up faster than I can read them, let alone respond. Mostly they haven’t bothered me because [...]

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Katrina, Five Years Later

When I first started to write The Wisdom to Know the Difference, Hurricane Katrina was still fresh in my mind. Though the following outtake didn't make it into the book, this seems like a good week to remember some of the lessons from that sad chapter in US history: Blaming human caused misfortunes on God [...]

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Health, Stress and Control

This was a good outtake for me to reread this morning, as I am feeling a tiny bit stressed out with the book release nine days away. It reminded me that most of the stressors in my life are things I've chosen and actually want (I just wish that the kids were back in school [...]

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Radical Freedom

I'm really not sure how this summer experiment in posting out takes from the book has gone from a reader's point of view. There haven't been many comments, but my readership (according to my stat counter) seems to have remained steady. For me, it's been fun to scan through old drafts and the original interviews, [...]

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An Inspiration

Some of you have heard me say that it was pregnancy that inspired me to write The Wisdom to Know the Difference. That's mostly true, but the other thing that got me thinking about the Serenity Prayer was a 60 Minutes episode about Richard Leakey. This deleted bit of the book is one of the first [...]

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