Lessons from Water Crises in Philly and Beyond

The Delaware River A week ago, the news broke that industrial chemicals had spilled into a tributary of the Delaware River, possibly contaminating Philadelphia’s drinking water. Following the announcement, there was a rush on bottled water, a less publicized rush of people checking on their neighbors, and constantly changing updates from the city, [...]

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Home and Heartbroken

Note: This post was written July 26, 2021 and posted here belatedly. Enbridge drill arrives to site next to Red Lake Treaty Camp The Enbridge drill arrived as I was hugging people goodbye at the Red Lake Treaty Camp. After ten days there -- swimming in the beautiful Red Lake River and building community with people [...]

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On the Bright Side

Recent Philly Thrive action The news is infuriating and terrifying. The prospect of a second Trump Administration looms large, and not just for those in the United States. However, the media’s obsession with events that revolve around Trump—the impeachment, the election, and the State of the Union—obscures how people like the rest of [...]

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The View from the Future

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to talk with someone from the future? Last weekend I participated in an amazing exercise during the Earth Quaker Action Team annual board retreat. Our facilitator, BJ Star of Wildfire Project, split us into two groups. Six of us would be ourselves, living in these times. [...]

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Spirituality for Troubled Times

  After the violence in Charlottesville, an African American friend of mine posted on Facebook that she’d had it with “spiritual white people.” I knew what she meant. As a white woman who has taught classes on spiritual discernment, racism, and social change strategy, I’d been thinking a lot about how to cultivate a spiritual [...]

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Epilogue to Renewable

Eileen at the People's Climate Marchwith George and Ingrid Lakey Friday morning I did an author interview with religion journalist turned publisher, David Crumm, for his online magazine Read the Spirit. As someone who reads many memoirs, David suggested I write a blog post about what has happened in my life since the [...]

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