Lessons from Water Crises in Philly and Beyond

The Delaware River A week ago, the news broke that industrial chemicals had spilled into a tributary of the Delaware River, possibly contaminating Philadelphia’s drinking water. Following the announcement, there was a rush on bottled water, a less publicized rush of people checking on their neighbors, and constantly changing updates from the city, [...]

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Home and Heartbroken

Note: This post was written July 26, 2021 and posted here belatedly. Enbridge drill arrives to site next to Red Lake Treaty Camp The Enbridge drill arrived as I was hugging people goodbye at the Red Lake Treaty Camp. After ten days there -- swimming in the beautiful Red Lake River and building community with people [...]

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Where do we go from here? MLK Day 2021

So much has happened since I took this photo four years ago, when I attended the women's march with my daughter and a friend from college. It was the day after Trump's inauguration, and our bodies were packed so tightly we could hardly move. The incredible turnout was a show of strength from those with a more loving vision [...]

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What I Learned from Fighting a Coup

Whew! What a month it's been. Those who read my October newsletter know that I became the Trainings Coordinator for Choose Democracy, a start-up effort that in a matter of weeks trained nearly 10,000 people in How to Stop an Election-Related Power Grab. I'm enormously proud of the work this group did and believe that we played [...]

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