Home and Heartbroken

Note: This post was written July 26, 2021 and posted here belatedly. Enbridge drill arrives to site next to Red Lake Treaty Camp The Enbridge drill arrived as I was hugging people goodbye at the Red Lake Treaty Camp. After ten days there -- swimming in the beautiful Red Lake River and building community with people [...]

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Where do we go from here? MLK Day 2021

So much has happened since I took this photo four years ago, when I attended the women's march with my daughter and a friend from college. It was the day after Trump's inauguration, and our bodies were packed so tightly we could hardly move. The incredible turnout was a show of strength from those with a more loving vision [...]

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On the Bright Side

Recent Philly Thrive action The news is infuriating and terrifying. The prospect of a second Trump Administration looms large, and not just for those in the United States. However, the media’s obsession with events that revolve around Trump—the impeachment, the election, and the State of the Union—obscures how people like the rest of [...]

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Navigating Fear in Scary Times

I’ve been thinking a lot about courage, especially the fact that we need more of it these days. I’ve been paying attention to what makes me feel scared and what makes me feel brave, and trying to do more of the later. As I mentioned in my last blog post, community is key for me. [...]

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